Studio 18 Art Gallery – the best of service whether online or offline

Have you ever been in an Art Gallery and given the once over by snooty staff that leaves you feeling that you shouldn’t be their?  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon.  Some Art Galleries are far from welcoming and it is no wonder that some are struggling financially.

Art should be for all.  Galleries should embrace everyone who wants to visit.  It is only by doing this and answering questions that will encourage more people to buy art.

There are many people who would like to start buying art but don’t know where to begin.  They need help.  Art Galleries that have an off-hand approach are not helping in assisting these people.

Elizabeth Castle
David Taylor – Elizabeth Castle

Many people are turning to the internet to buy to the detriment of many Galleries.  They can look at pieces of Art from their own homes.  They can ask questions by email without face-to-face contact with staff.  They don’t feel threatened or intimidated by the internet, and as long as it is a reputable company, they are comfortable ordering online.

Studio 18 Art Gallery

I have a “bricks and mortar” Gallery and an online presence and both thankfully are successful.  We try very hard to make our “bricks and mortar,” Gallery Studio 18 friendly and inviting.  To put people at ease when they enter, we have background music playing.  This helps to break the ice and makes them feel they don’t have to whisper.  We also make a point of greeting people with “good morning” or “good afternoon” but don’t immediately pounce on them to make them feel uncomfortable.  Rather we allow them to browse and only step in to offer help if we feel they need it.

Iain Faulkner
Iain Faulkner – contemplating return

This approach has stood us in good stead over the years.  The Art Gallery is now in its 41st year since inception.  Making people feel welcome is at the heart of what we do and many of our customers have become friends.

Studio 18 online presence

It is not quite so easy to build up a rapport with customers on the net, but we try very hard to be just as friendly online as offline.  We always thank people for ordering and give them the opportunity to keep in touch by our email newsletter or to follow this blog.  Answering questions in a timely manner is also important to us as potential customers do not want to be waiting days for an answer to their query.

Thankfully, we saw the value of an online presence very early on and our website has been up and running for quite a number of years.

Ian Rolls – Boats & Buoys, La Rocque

Not every painting or print we have in stock is on our website.  However, there is a fair representation of the artists we show.   We update the website regularly with new work  and new artists that we promote.

We try with most artists to include a biography.  That is so potential customers can know a little about the artist and they can make an informed decision whether to purchase or not.

Getting the purchased work to the customer in a timely manner is also important.  If there is likely to be any delay for whatever reason, we always keep the customer informed.

Whether you are able to visit our Gallery or deal with us online, you are always treated as a valued customer and given the best of service.