Hotels getting the message about Art with greater bookings

There was a time when you booked into a hotel it would just be for a comfy bed, a nice shower and maybe a good breakfast in the morning.

original Art in Hotels
original art in Hotel

Your room would probably have relatively cheap prints on the wall and public areas would be the same.  All a bit boring!

Well, times are changing.  A number of Hotels, particularly boutique Hotels and even Hostels are looking at putting original pieces of art on the walls.  Even theming their rooms in a particular style and customers are liking it.

Its a win, win situation for hotels

It’s a win, win situation for the Hotel and artists.  Hotels can hang original art on their walls at a reasonable cost or at no cost at all dependent on their agreement with the artist.    For the artist, they have the opportunity to put work in prestigious buildings.  Which means they are guaranteed that their work will be viewed by a great number of people.

Some agreements allow for the work to be sold to clients and a replacement put in place by the artist.  Others insist that the work stays up for a period of time and is not available for sale until the period is up.

Art in Hotels bedroom
original art in Hotel Bedroom

There is no doubt that original art enhances the experience for guests.  It adds character and makes public areas and rooms more personal.  It is attracting more customers to the Hotel’s which must be their ultimate goal.

For the artist, it is an opportunity to showcase their work and propel their careers to the next level.

Diversity of Art in Hotels

You will also find a diversity of Art at these hotels.  Some go down the contemporary route. This gives them a large choice in the type of picture they are looking for.  Some are hanging more traditional pictures which fit in with their decor.  Others are embracing the style of street art while others pop art.

Wherever you go in the world, you will find Hotels embracing this concept.   If you are interested you just need to do a search on google to bring up these hotels.

It is well worth a bit of investigation.


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