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Studio 18 Art Gallery – the best of service whether online or offline

Have you ever been in an Art Gallery and given the once over by snooty staff that leaves you feeling that you shouldn’t be their?  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon.  Some Art Galleries are far from welcoming and it is no wonder that some are struggling financially.

Art should be for all.  Galleries should embrace everyone who wants to visit.  It is only by doing this and answering questions that will encourage more people to buy art.

There are many people who would like to start buying art but don’t know where to begin.  They need help.  Art Galleries that have an off-hand approach are not helping in assisting these people.

Elizabeth Castle
David Taylor – Elizabeth Castle

Many people are turning to the internet to buy to the detriment of many Galleries.  They can look at pieces of Art from their own homes.  They can ask questions by email without face-to-face contact with staff.  They don’t feel threatened or intimidated by the internet, and as long as it is a reputable company, they are comfortable ordering online.

Studio 18 Art Gallery

I have a “bricks and mortar” Gallery and an online presence and both thankfully are successful.  We try very hard to make our “bricks and mortar,” Gallery Studio 18 friendly and inviting.  To put people at ease when they enter, we have background music playing.  This helps to break the ice and makes them feel they don’t have to whisper.  We also make a point of greeting people with “good morning” or “good afternoon” but don’t immediately pounce on them to make them feel uncomfortable.  Rather we allow them to browse and only step in to offer help if we feel they need it.

Iain Faulkner
Iain Faulkner – contemplating return

This approach has stood us in good stead over the years.  The Art Gallery is now in its 41st year since inception.  Making people feel welcome is at the heart of what we do and many of our customers have become friends.

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Art in public spaces ~ do we have a say in what is installed or not?

Although there are many people who visit Art Galleries, Museums and attend art exhibitions there are probably more who never step into one of these establishments.  Your town, your street, the town square is likely to have some form of art in public spaces however.

Who is art in public spaces for?

The simple answer is that it is for you and me.  The idea for public art is that it commemorates an event or subject.  It is installed to brighten up the landscape, inspire us, make us smile, make us think or admire the craftsmanship of the work.

It therefore begs the question that if it is “public art” as members of the public, should we have a say in what is installed?

In some case we do and for some art in public spaces a competition will be organised.  As members of the public, we will have a say in what is chosen.  Most of the time, the art is chosen by a small group of people who make the decision on our behalf.

Antony Gormley ~ Angel of the North
Antony Gormley ~ Angel of the North

A famous artist will sometimes be commissioned to create and install a piece.  It can also be on a large scale dominating the landscape like Antony Gormley’s “Angel of the North.”  It can also be a conversation piece like “Crosby Beach” also by Antony Gormley.

Installations are normally permanent and are meant to be in place for a long, long time.  There is a move however, to install temporary installations which may be in place for just a few months or a year.  Whatever the timescale, art in public spaces should fit in with the landscape, be of a suitable scale and a conversation piece.

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Art Therapy – The use of art to unlock inner feelings and emotions

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy has been around for many, many years. Yet, recently it has come to the fore. The advantages and the benefits have been impressive. Art therapy is being used to treat many types of mental and behavioral issues. This differs from traditional therapy practice and is a great help to some patients .
Art therapy uses the creative process of Art to connect with people. It is especially useful with children who cannot always express themselves with words. This also applies to young adults, but all ages can benefit.
Trained Art therapists can unlock the deep seated issues that you may not have comprehended. They are also able to process emotions and feelings that may have been a struggle over time. Through art, they have the ability of guiding you through the process of expressing yourself through drawing or painting.
It’s not about the person’s skill or talent but the process of putting thoughts down on paper.

Who Benefits?

Art therapy has benefits for many people. It is useful for people suffering with stress, anxiety and tension. It is also useful for mental disorders, bipolar and a whole host of other serious ailments.
Research has shown that sufferers from dementia can create art long after speech fails. Another benefit of Art Therapy.

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You just could not make it up in this crazy world of ours!

The art world is not immune from the bizarre and downright strange.

Here are a few examples of items from around the world that have caught my eye over the past few weeks.

Forgetful Art Dealer

Now I would be the first to confess that I am a forgetful person.  However, even I would remember if I was carrying a picture worth $1.5 million in a taxi, to remember to take it when I reached my destination.

Well, one French Art Dealer must have had a lot on his mind when he alighted from a taxi in Paris.  Why,? because he completely forgot that he had stowed away the painting in the cabbies boot for safety.

Lucio Fontana
A similar painting by Lucio Fontana as left in the taxi

Even more bizarre, he didn’t realise his mistake until the next day! ($1.5 million paintings must be two a penny to him)

He tried to locate the taxi he had used without success and had to report the incident to the police.  Lucky for him the cab driver was honest and within a couple of days, the painting was reunited with the dealer.  The painting was called ‘Concetto Spaziale’ by Lucio Fontana.

I would lay odds that he won’t do that again!

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Fancy being an Auctioneer and selling paintings for millions?

The auctioneer
The Auctioneer

No, I’m not talking about auctioning household stuff where the maximum price is likely to be in the hundreds.

I’m talking about being a Fine Art auctioneer for someone like Christie’s, Bonhams or Sotheby’s.

What do you think the requirements would be to become one of these top auction houses auctioneers?

Well, the first thing is you have to be good at maths.   You also have to possess an authoritative voice which is clear and everyone who is bidding knows you are in charge.

How do you get to become an Auctioneer?

The first thing is to join a top auction house and become involved with the various auctions that they have virtually every day.

Knowledge of all the items that are sold through the auction house is important and this is the time to gain that knowledge as you handle items of great value.

Over time, you will specialise in a particular field, e.g. silver, pictures, ceramics etc.  The main auction houses always have auctioneers who specialise in a particular field, and these are the auctions they will take.

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Hotels getting the message about Art with greater bookings

There was a time when you booked into a hotel it would just be for a comfy bed, a nice shower and maybe a good breakfast in the morning.

original Art in Hotels
original art in Hotel

Your room would probably have relatively cheap prints on the wall and public areas would be the same.  All a bit boring!

Well, times are changing.  A number of Hotels, particularly boutique Hotels and even Hostels are looking at putting original pieces of art on the walls.  Even theming their rooms in a particular style and customers are liking it.

Its a win, win situation for hotels

It’s a win, win situation for the Hotel and artists.  Hotels can hang original art on their walls at a reasonable cost or at no cost at all dependent on their agreement with the artist.    For the artist, they have the opportunity to put work in prestigious buildings.  Which means they are guaranteed that their work will be viewed by a great number of people.

Some agreements allow for the work to be sold to clients and a replacement put in place by the artist.  Others insist that the work stays up for a period of time and is not available for sale until the period is up.

Art in Hotels bedroom
original art in Hotel Bedroom

There is no doubt that original art enhances the experience for guests.  It adds character and makes public areas and rooms more personal.  It is attracting more customers to the Hotel’s which must be their ultimate goal.

For the artist, it is an opportunity to showcase their work and propel their careers to the next level.

Diversity of Art in Hotels

You will also find a diversity of Art at these hotels.  Some go down the contemporary route. This gives them a large choice in the type of picture they are looking for.  Some are hanging more traditional pictures which fit in with their decor.  Others are embracing the style of street art while others pop art.

Wherever you go in the world, you will find Hotels embracing this concept.   If you are interested you just need to do a search on google to bring up these hotels.

It is well worth a bit of investigation.


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