Art Therapy – The use of art to unlock inner feelings and emotions

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy has been around for many, many years. Yet, recently it has come to the fore. The advantages and the benefits have been impressive. Art therapy is being used to treat many types of mental and behavioral issues. This differs from traditional therapy practice and is a great help to some patients .
Art therapy uses the creative process of Art to connect with people. It is especially useful with children who cannot always express themselves with words. This also applies to young adults, but all ages can benefit.
Trained Art therapists can unlock the deep seated issues that you may not have comprehended. They are also able to process emotions and feelings that may have been a struggle over time. Through art, they have the ability of guiding you through the process of expressing yourself through drawing or painting.
It’s not about the person’s skill or talent but the process of putting thoughts down on paper.

Who Benefits?

Art therapy has benefits for many people. It is useful for people suffering with stress, anxiety and tension. It is also useful for mental disorders, bipolar and a whole host of other serious ailments.
Research has shown that sufferers from dementia can create art long after speech fails. Another benefit of Art Therapy.


Why is Art Therapy useful?

There are many situations where Art Therapy is useful. Creating art has a calming influence which is particularly helpful with people suffering with stress or anxiety. It is useful for people experiencing major trauma in their life. Maybe cancer or some other life threatening illness.
Kids drawing
Kids drawing
For children who have been traumatised, the act of drawing can help unlock their inner emotions when they will not open up with words.
Older people find that creating pictures or a craft project helps to slow down memory loss. It is the doing rather than listening to someone that seems to be the key.
Researchers found, that those who used their hands to make something faired better than those who attended a talk on a particular subject.



The benefits of Art Therapy can be quite broad as we see. It has the ability to improve lives by helping improve the mental and emotional state of people. It helps express feelings and emotions through art than are unable to be expressed in words. With a trained Art Therapist, the deep seated problems can be exposed and dealt with.
Not only is art good to look at and to do, we also know that it has healing properties.